Why Trinity?

Whether you are in the midst of a discernment process in the Church of England or considering independent study, with all the options before you, why should you consider Trinity?

One of the things that makes studying at Trinity so valuable and special is our emphasis on community. Community is at the heart of Trinity life for both our gathered and our dispersed learners. 

As you learn from the Bible and interact with our faculty, as you engage in College and church life, as you practise spiritual disciplines together with the rest of the community, you will grow as a whole person seeking to follow Jesus and bear witness to his coming kingdom.

If you’re an ordinand, we will blend study and context experiences together for holistic growth; we won’t prioritise your academic experience over your context learning, or your context learning over your lectures.

If you are an independent student, although your timetable will be slightly different, you will still be fully immersed in the spiritual life of Trinity and enjoy the support of a tutor group.

What we gain by studying in community together is a deeper engagement in every area.

Lecture discussions spill out into coffee times. Your tutors aren’t only in your lectures but are eating lunch with you, meeting in smaller groups with you, as well as regularly available for appointments. The students in your tutor group will serve alongside you in context church placements, and you’ll discuss your questions, ideas, and experiences.

We spend enough time together to become more like family than fellow students and to practise living Christ’s Beatitudes together. We learn together how to discuss ideas with respect despite disagreement, how to offer confession and forgiveness to one another when needed, how to grow in unity and our ability to love as Christ loves.

When you have moments of struggling or feeling discouraged, our community of tutors, students, as well as our chaplains and staff will be there to offer support for you and your family. We are on this journey together at Trinity—and what we build here with one another is carried on after college as a supportive network of relationships.

Academic excellence in an accessible style

Our tutors combine an impressive academic pedigree with an ability to explain things clearly and appropriately to the level at which you’re studying. 

At Trinity our faculty and staff members invest in each student individually. We will look at your background and situation and take time to consider the ways in which your time at Trinity could be best constructed to help you grow in your faith. We will make sure your classes fit with what you most need to learn academically. If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, we will work with you around due dates and to figure out with you how to train while juggling the baby’s feedings and care.

If you’re training for ordination, we will connect you with a context church experience designed to stretch you.


Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Three-year Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Graduate Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Postgraduate Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Master of Arts in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Modes of Study

Ordination Training

Theological Study (Independent)


Postgraduate research

Come and visit us

The best way to find out if we’re the right fit for you is to come and visit us. We have several Open Days and Open Afternoons during the course of a year. If those dates don’t work for you, don’t worry – we can arrange for you to visit another time. We look forward to meeting you!

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