Student Transfer Arrangements

Information is given here for students who are considering transferring programmes in any one of four distinct circumstances:

  1. Transfer to Trinity College from another institution
  2. Transfer to Trinity College from another theological college operating within Common Awards
  3. Transfer within Trinity College from one programme to another
  4. Transfer from Trinity College to another institution
In each of these circumstances the college has set procedures to facilitate the students’ smooth transfer. For policy regarding fee refunds and compensation for discontinuation of study, please refer to the Student Protection Plan.

If you are interested in applying to Trinity from another institution, you should start by reading our admissions policy and procedures, where you will find general information about applications and admissions. You will also find more specific information about what to do if you have already acquired skills and knowledge that would be duplicated in your intended programme at Trinity and if and how this can be taken into account through the accreditation of prior learning (APL).

The maximum credit for APL which can be offered is normally one-third of the standard programme. You will also find links to the governing regulations through the Common Awards Scheme with Durham University under which we operate for all undergraduate awards.

Transfers of supervision from a postgraduate research programme at another institution can only be considered where at least two-thirds of the programme will be undertaken at Trinity College.

Certain theological education institutions (TEIs) operate under a scheme known as Common Awards, which has been set up under an agreement between the Church of England and Durham University. These TEIs can be found listed on the Common Awards website at The scheme is designed to facilitate transfer between participating institutions.

If you are interested in transferring to Trinity from another theological college, you should speak to our academic registrar, Barbara Bews. She will discuss your options with you and consult with the academic dean on the compatibility of your current programme with those at Trinity. The normal one-third maximum credit for APL (see 1. above) does not apply in such cases.

As we only teach theology at Trinity, you would obviously not be able to change to a different discipline. You might, however, be able to to follow a different pathway through the programmes, or to move from one programme to another within the general discipline of theology.

The extent to which you can switch to a different pathway will depend on your planned outcomes (and those of your sponsor, where applicable).

Your first step should be to discuss your wishes and concerns with your personal tutor or the programme leader. If you wish to change your module choice after you have registered on a programme of modules, you should seek advice from the academic registrar, Barbara Bews, as soon as possible.

If you want to move from one programme to another, for example from the BA programme to the MA programme, there may be restrictions in terms of the programme regulations. Your first step should be to discuss your wishes with the academic registrar, Barbara Bews, who will seek advice, as needed, from the programme leader or academic dean. Where a move to a higher degree programme is permitted, an early exit qualification may be awarded.

If you wish to transfer from Trinity to another institution within Common Awards or outside Common Awards, you should discuss this in the first instance with your personal tutor or with the academic registrar; they will take advice, as appropriate, from the academic dean. The college will provide an academic reference, where required.

Where the transfer to another institution involves early exit from a programme, you may be awarded early exit qualifications or statements of credit. In such cases you should speak in the first instance to the academic registrar.

If you are a postgraduate research student and wish to transfer to another institution, this will be subject to the arrangements of that institution. You should seek the advice of our postgraduate research programme administrator, Pavla Slugenova.


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