Book: Colin Buchanan – Three Become One



The story of how Trinity College Bristol was formed in 1962-72

As Trinity College celebrates 50 years since it arose from the merging in 1972 of three previous evangelical colleges in Bristol, we at the college have had the opportunity to welcome and publish as a college this detailed account of the ten years that preceded the successful union. The story of those years has not previously been put together.

Colin Buchanan is the author. He was himself a student at Tyndale Hall in 1959-61 and shadowed the events recorded in the book during his own early years on the staff of the London College of Divinity. Half a century later he has written up the Bristol history from archives, original documents and the memories of many ex-students and staff of the three colleges: Tyndale Hall, Clifton and Dalton St Michael’s, the women’s college. He has been assisted by three key consultants: John Tiller (staff member of Tyndale Hall 1965-71, then Trinity 1972-73), Peter Williams (staff member of Clifton 1970-71, then Trinity 1972-92), and Paul Roberts (current tutor at Trinity College in Christian Worship and Church History who has spent 24 of the last 34 years on Trinity staff). The upshot is a vigorous picture of the period during which the union almost never took place before being rescued at the last minute by the benign intervention of the Bishop of Bristol, Oliver Tomkins.

A donation has enabled the college to make this 200-page book available at a minimal price: £5 plus postage and packing.

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