Blessed are Those who Mourn with Rosie Hopley

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We are delighted to welcome Rosie Hopley to the Trinity Talk podcast, as our guest speaker on the second beatitude, Blessed are those who mourn (Matthew 5:4). Rosie is the founder of the Christian charity, Beloved, and one of the leaders of the Reconciled Church, which works with churches across the UK exploring reconciliation within church, and what the church is called to display and manifest about people coming together as the body of Christ. She is also studying for an MA at CMS in Oxford. This episode includes both Rosie’s sermon on this beatitude and a a chat with our Principal, Sean Doherty, both before and after the sermon.

In her sermon, Rosie draws on the story of Jesus and Lazarus and talks about how Jesus is both a weeping God and a God who has overcome – and that because he has overcome, so shall we. There is, she says,  not just comfort but an abundance of comfort for those who mourn.

In her conversation with Sean, Rosie talks about her work with the Reconciled Church and the personal experiences of her and her family that led her to get involved with this movement. You can find out more about the Reconciled Church course and resources  that Rosie talks about here. She also tells Sean about her work with Beloved, visiting, ministering to and praying with sex workers in Bristol.

They discuss hospitality and being willing to accept it as well as offer it. Finally, Rosie talks about her MA dissertation on how the gifts of the spirit are received within the church in the post 19th century charismatic and pentecostal movements, when they are brought from people from the Global South.

Huge thanks to Rosie for joining us and sharing her time and wisdom so generously.

As Tim said at the top of the episode, we have several fully-funded scholarships for independent students, in partnership with the Relay Trust, supported by a new programme to help students from a less academic background to flourish. To find out more, click here or email

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