Blessed are the Poor in Spirit with Helen Johnson

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We kick off the Trinity Talk podcast with the first in a sermon series on the Beatitudes, as found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5. At Trinity the values we live by are based on the Beatitudes, so this  sermon series seemed like a good place to start our podcast.

Our preacher in this episode is Helen Johnson, our Vice Principal for formation and a former nurse. In this episode, both before and after the sermon she chats to our Principal, Sean Doherty, about her career as a nurse, the challenges of parish ministry, leadership and introducing change.

They go on to discuss the meaning of the “poor in spirit” and Helen’s interpretation of the phrase. She explains her choice of the healing of the paralysed man as her second reading, and talks about who we might identify with in this story. She and Sean go on to discuss the process of mutual learning that is involved in growing spirituality in the students at Trinity. Finally, she tells Sean what  her favourite thing is about life at Trinity.

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“Welcome to Trinity Talk, the podcast from Trinity College Bristol. Well, welcome to the first episode of Trinity Talk, the new podcast from Trinity College Bristol. My name’s Sean Doherty, I’m the principal of Trinity, and I’ll be your host during this podcast series. I’m here with my colleague and friend, Helen Johnson. We love talking in Trinity, and Helen is one of my colleagues who also likes a bit of an actor, don’t you, Helen? Welcome, thank you for joining me on the first of our podcast. How are you feeling about doing this podcast, Helen? I feel very honored to be the first, but really apprehensive. So, yeah, we’ll see where it goes. And the way we’re going to be doing this podcast, this particular podcast, and over time, who knows what we’ll do, will be all kinds of different things that we’ll try and include, like interviews from the students’ news and catch up about things that are happening here. But the way we’re kicking off the podcast is with a series of sermons, which we’re doing at the college on the Beatitudes. I’ll say a bit more about that in a moment. But before we hear…

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