Our Chaplains

Canon Ray Brazier

Ray is ‘a retired vicar, but never a retired Priest!’ He is currently working in a number of areas of ministry support for the Diocese of Bristol. He says, ‘I love reading, the arts (especially drama and theatre). I am excited by the challenges and opportunities facing the Church today.’

Revd Rupert Martin

Rupert studied Theology at Trinity College from 1989-1990. He spent 26 years serving alongside his wife Sally as a Vicar of Sandal Magna Parish in the Missionary Diocese of Wakefield. He loves poetry and the visual arts, and formerly worked at Arnolfini. He is a keen photographer and rock climber. He enjoyed the challenge of running the marathon of ministry in a creative, collaborative and sustainable way, and would welcome the opportunity to listen to and encourage students in their unique calling.

Melanie Otto

Vicar of St Agnes in St Paul’s and St Anne’s

Melanie enjoyed her studies at Trinity and spends most of her time at St Agnes which is situated in a very diverse and vibrant part of inner city Bristol. She is keen to help people feel empowered, especially those who feel marginalised or unseen. She will be available on Thursdays: in college at least once a month or at the end of the phone.

Revd Hartmut & Jane Kopsch

Hartmut and Jane are a retired couple who live nearby. They carry huge wisdom and insight. Hartmut is a retired Vicar with experience in suburban, inner-city and city centre parishes. Before ordination he worked as a University lecturer in Sydney Australia. Together, they have been involved in discipleship, evangelism, prayer ministry and mentoring and all aspects of parish ministry. They would be very happy to meet up either as a couple or as individuals.

Alison & David

David and Alison recently retired from Baptist ministry; Dave after 35 years, and Alison after 12 years. Both have been mentors to people setting out in ministry. Alison has a special interest in mission amongst very elderly people. Both enjoy worship and music.