Meet our Student Exec (2018-19)


President: Matt Stone

The president leads the Student Executive in faithfully and accurately representing the student body and is the key point of contact between them and the faculty and staff of the college. Speak to Matt about:

  • The shape, running, and activities of the Student Executive
  • Matters to be raised corporately with the college
  • Sustainability and environmentally friendly ideas
  • When you have a concern but don’t know to whom to address it

Secretary: Hannah Barraclough

The secretary supports the president in the running of the Student Executive and administers the smooth running of certain tasks. Speak to Hannah about:

  • Student Exec elections
  • Study room allocations
  • The pastoral group rota for lunchtime and chapel duties
  • Lunchtime notices

Treasurer: Dave Edmondson

The treasurer is responsible for the Common Room Fund, and therefore coordinates the budget, purchasing, and giving of the student body. Speak to Dave about:

  • Purchasing and giving on behalf of the student body
  • Student grants
  • The student-stocked ‘Tuck Shop’


Pastoral Rep: Jo Parrott

The pastoral rep is responsible for the student body concerning the quality and integrity of community life at Trinity College. Jo’s role includes:

  • Organising formal community times
  • Allocating ‘buddies’ for new students
  • Student college job allocations

Speak to Jo about:

  • Meal times at college
  • Family life and student accommodation
  • Pastoral care

Learning and Education Rep: Pippa White

The learning and education rep is the representative for the student body concerning the standards of teaching and student engagement in regard to academic and context-based learning. Pippa’s role includes representing the student body at various academic meetings. Speak to Pippa about:

  • The quality of teaching and learning
  • Common Awards
  • Academic studies and workload
  • Context-based training and placements
  • Additional academic support

Prayer and Spirituality Rep: Kath Morris

The prayer and spirituality rep is the representative for the student body concerning the intentional discipleship of the community. Kath’s role includes:

  • Organising prayer triplets
  • The Light Experiment
  • Encouraging and resourcing the prayer and worship life of the student body, including the application of different creative forms of spirituality

Speak to Kath about:

  • The School of Leadership
  • Spiritual formation at Trinity
  • Wednesday spirituality sessions
  • Prophetic words/spiritual discernment and spiritual gifts
  • Mentoring and spiritual direction

Independent and Diversity Rep: Fabien Mokhtari

The independent rep is the representative for those in the student body who are not (currently) training for ordained ministry. Fabien’s role includes:

  • Representing all independent students
  • Diversity within college

Speak to Fabien about:

  • Diversity and the united voice in college
  • Independent study
  • Integration in college life

Socials and Events Rep: Jess Fellows

The social and events rep is the representative for the student body who promotes social events, celebration, and fun as part of community life at Trinity College. Jess’s role includes:

  • Organising social events
  • Formal events, e.g., Academic Awards, Valedictory

Speak to Jess about:

  • Social events

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