As a college and a community of Christians, we believe that we are all united by Christ, regardless of our background, leadership style or theological views, and our task is to love one another as we stay focused on the mission given to us.

We also believe that discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, assault and violence are not acceptable parts of the culture we seek to build at Trinity College. 

We are all on a continual journey of understanding these issues, the impact they have and our individual and collective responsibilities. We seek to create a safe and thriving environment for all. 

We have been revisiting our vision and developing strategic plans for the coming few years, and we remain more convinced than ever of the need to form diverse leaders of Christlike character through theological education for mission.

The college’s first phase of our new strategic plan starts us on an ongoing journey to improving diversity in terms of ‘decolonising’ the curriculum, developing alternative forms of assessment to ensure that students with different learning needs are not disadvantaged, and creating a new pathway which will enable greater participation of students who face barriers to theological study.

We are in the process of making other changes internally and externally (such as adding a report and support procedures, developing in-house unconscious bias training and improving the physical accessibility of our site).

As we learn and make changes, we invite you to share your thoughts on this and any related matters by emailing diversity@trinitycollegebristol.ac.uk.

Diversity News

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