Connect: Who we are

Primarily, Connect is a community of people, and our purpose is threefold:

  • To provide opportunities for fellowship for husbands and wives of those in full-time study at Trinity College.
  • To provide support to one another, sharing our lives together and seeking God’s transformation in our lives.
  • To be a means by which our members can be equipped for their future ministry, and develop their own unique callings.

Our heart is to be a place where God can prepare us for what he has prepared for us after Trinity.

What is Mennect? 

Mennect is a group for male spouses of students at Trinity and is a subgroup of Connect. Mennect operates as its own entity and is primarily a social group and a place for support and friendship. The group adapts to the needs of the members each year and has therefore met both during the day and in the evenings, in a pub or a café or at people’s homes. For more information please contact the Mennect Rep, James Kendall, at

How is Connect run?

Connect can only operate with the help of ALL it’s members (not just the exec)! There will be many opportunities to get involved in the running of Connect over the coming year with a range of tasks. This may be setting up a room for a meeting, giving someone a lift to an event, baking a cake, bringing snacks for children, helping organize a social, tidying up at the end of a meeting, running a children’s activity, helping to plan our program of talks each term, helping to run a home group, leading worship, helping with prayers…the list goes on! There will be something for everyone so we look forward to you getting involved! We have found in the past that the more you put into Connect, the more you get out of it!

How is Connect funded?

Connect is completely funded by yearly subs of £30 per person. The subs pay for the running of Connect, from paying for guest speakers to subsidising away days. Unless it is a social, all the weekly activities are free and covered by the subs. The fee of £30 is the same for all members, it is a way each individual can support what Connect is doing. There is an opportunity in the first week for students to pay the Connect subs at college during the freshers fair, or if more convenient they can be paid directly to Connect afterwards (by cash or cheque made payable to Connect). However, if £30 would be challenging for you to pay all at once, please speak to the exec about paying in instalments. The main thing is that people feel welcome and can be a part of what we are doing.

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