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3 questions every leader should be asking

The future of the church in Britain is utterly dependent on how much the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ can be appropriated into our personal, communal and working lives. There is no technique, strategy, scheme, money pile, mini-messiah or brilliant idea that will help us if this does not happen. There is no plan […]

From serving a Queen to serving The King

“Well good evening, thank you all for coming to this initial meeting for the… who?… Bob? No, I haven’t seen him… Oh, he’s coming? …Ok we’ll wait a bit then…” “Welcome all again, and Bob, to the meeting which I’d like to open with…. Oh, could somebody get the door… Ah it’s Joyce… Yes, welcome […]

TRINITY TALKS TO… a young leader

From Samuel’s childhood chats with God and young David’s defeat of Goliath to the use of a teenage girl to bring a Saviour into the world, the Bible is full of examples of God calling, equipping and powerfully using young people. Over two thirds of Trinity’s current intake are under 30 and we’re keen to […]

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