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Asking the questions that lead to God

The problem with theology is that there is rarely (if ever) a neat, simple, and straightforward answer. Let me explain. Science is my first love and so it was an obvious move for me to spend four years studying chemistry at university. I relished the chance to understand more about different areas of chemistry (and […]

After one year at Trinity…

Hello. My name is Shakeel. I am nineteen and currently the youngest student at Trinity, finishing my first year of the BA course. I arrived at Trinity last year feeling excited about the future. I wasn’t sure what to expect in coming to a theological college. Naturally I was anxious, but in a positive way; […]

What might Bonhoeffer say to us today?

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s execution in the Flössenburg concentration camp. How can he continue to speak prophetically to our church and context today? Read a Q&A with Bonhoeffer scholar Rev Dr Philip Ziegler. What do you think it is about Bonhoeffer’s life and theology that continues to resonate so strongly […]

The recycled perfectionist

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a perfectionist. These days I feel the need to name this trait in the manner of a confession; I know there will be others who consider themselves ‘sufferers’ too. But it is true that perfectionism has (ostensibly) served me well. Why wouldn’t one strive to be as good […]

Trinity’s 2015 research conference

On 22-24 June 2015, Trinity College hosted its annual research conference for postgraduate researchers from both Trinity and the Bristol Baptist College. The event brought to campus about half of TCB/BBC’s fifty doctoral and MPhil students from around the world to present papers, enjoy fellowship, and receive guidance and encouragement from faculty. Director of Postgraduate […]

Trinity announces tutor in New Testament

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Jamie Davies as tutor in New Testament at Trinity College. Jamie completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews with a thesis on the question of the nature of apocalyptic thought in Paul’s letters, in dialogue with contemporary Pauline studies. He has been working as […]

John Bimson retires from Trinity

This summer Dr John Bimson retires from Trinity College after thirty-four years dedicated to teaching students the Old Testament. As students, former students, and colleagues share the ways in which John has affected their lives and Christian faith, many mention the impact of his lectures on Job and his commitment to creation care. Others recount […]

Finding God when life hurts

My dad committed suicide when I was eleven years old. In later life, I had a miscarriage and lost a baby I already loved dearly. Both times, I was plunged into the question that echoes in every human heart: how do we reconcile immense pain with the reality of an all-loving God? I am under […]

Cricketer Jimmy Adams visits Trinity

On Monday night, 18 May, forty people from area Bristol churches, their friends, and Trinity College students gathered in Trinity’s dining room for an informal Q&A session with former West Indies cricketer Jimmy Adams. Adams came to visit Trinity through an invitation from his friend, first-year Trinity ordinand Jo Purle. In response to a series […]

Twenty-five cameras and a ‘Kingdom’ view

When I gave out twenty-five disposable cameras to the Trinity College community in the autumn of 2014, I had every thought that I’d need to work a pronounced visual transformation in the results. But the messy, humorous, half-in-half-out, blurred faces and limbs in fact turned out to be the corporeal truth of this place. There […]

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