Trinity launches new on-the-job training

Now is both a very exciting and very challenging time to be a Christian leader. We need to be increasingly flexible in the ways we prepare people to lead the Church in being a light to our nation in a variety of different areas and contexts.


So we’re excited to announce the launch of our new mode of non-residential training, designed to allow ordinands to set their theological learning in the context of their church ministry. It will give students one day per week at college, one day to study, four days to work at a church and one day off (after all, even God had the 7th day to rest!) This will give our leaders-in-training a great opportunity to immediately put their learning to work, as they’ll often be moving from theory to practice in the space of 24 hours.

This new non-residential mode of training will sit brilliantly within our already-existing, strong residential-training community – although those ordinands won’t be present at the college as often as some other students, the support structures of the well-formed Trinity family will be available to them throughout the week. When they do spend time on-site, all their classes and seminars will be shared with either residential or part-time students and the whole community will have the chance to socialise, eat and worship together too.

However, whether people go for residential, non-residential, or part-time training with Trinity, they will all be signing up for the same thing: being rooted in a diverse, messy, lively family of people rubbing the rough edges off each other as we strive to become more Jesus-like leaders, encouraging one another to passionately, relentlessly pursue God and His Kingdom so that more people can know the joy of relationship with Him.

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