Trinity announces tutor in New Testament

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Jamie Davies as tutor in New Testament at Trinity College.

Jamie completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews with a thesis on the question of the nature of apocalyptic thought in Paul’s letters, in dialogue with contemporary Pauline studies. He has been working as research assistant to N.T. Wright at St Andrews while also working as a teaching fellow in biblical studies at the New College, University of Edinburgh.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

His research interests continue to focus on early Christian apocalyptic thought, especially in Paul’s letters and the Book of Revelation. He plans to develop this further in the direction of the question of the nature of early Christian narratives of the atonement. He is also interested in narrative/missional hermeneutics and New Testament theology more broadly.

We look forward to welcoming Jamie, his wife Becky, and their two children as they join the Trinity College community in September.

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