Trinity College eNewsletter: Winter 2018


New Trinity Video

A taste of what it can mean to prepare for ministry in community. If you’ve never been here before, consider coming to visit us on 3 February, or schedule an individual visit.


What is a Pioneer?

Meet some of the pioneer ministers currently training at Trinity. Learn more about why the church needs pioneer ministers and how Trinity hopes to help prepare them.


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Upcoming Events:

3 February 2018: Open Day

Open Day for prospective residential students! Come and chat with our faculty and students, get a taste of what it could mean to study in community, and consider whether God may be calling you here. For more information, email or phone 0117 968 0254.

20 February 2018: Interview Day for nonresidential training

Join us to meet current full-time nonresidential students and Trinity faculty. Interview, and learn more about Trinity’s mission and how studying with us could benefit your ministry. For more information, call 0117 968 0254 or email




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