What is the Green Team?

This year, in allotting students’ jobs within the college community, the Student Exec has for the first time given three students the role of serving in a ‘Green Team’.


This group will be working with college kitchen and properties staff to consider how the Trinity community can take practical steps to become more sustainable in how we eat, what supplies we use, and to help institute greener changes college-wide. The new Student Exec president Matt Stone has already led an initiative this autumn for all students and staff to bring their own reusable cups to coffee breaks, eliminating the need for any disposable cups. ‘We want to live more sustainably, to protect God’s creation,’ says Matt. ‘Hopefully we will set a precedent, and build up a culture of being good to the planet. And, as Christians going out to lead churches, we can get a good grounding while here in more sustainable practices which we can bring to our churches.’

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