Meet our chaplains

This last academic year, we have introduced three new chaplains into the college community. Each chaplain is in college once a week, but can meet up with students at other times as well. They offer a listening, impartial ear to students, as well as a willingness to pray with and for them, whether students are wrestling with personal issues, or just needing a space to vent.

Canon Ray Brazier

Ray describes himself as ‘a retired vicar, but never a retired Priest!’ He is currently working in a number of areas of ministry support in Bristol Diocese, including vocations, mentoring, ministerial development, and spiritual direction. He loves reading, the arts (especially drama and theatre), spending time with family and friends, and is, he says, ‘excited by the challenges and opportunities facing the Church today.’

Miriam Goossen

Miriam is a trained spiritual director. She says, ‘My passion is people, and I see it as a great privilege to listen to and accompany others in their spiritual journeys as they seek to gain a deeper knowledge of themselves and a deeper knowledge of the Father.’

Rev Laura Ferguson

Laura is a Church of England priest and also a Trinity College spouse. She says, ‘I am passionate about vocations and about how creativity and the arts can be used to communicate and express the gospel. Things I like include sketching, watching comedy, Ignatian spirituality, walking about and chatting with people.’


Posted 12 June 2017


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