Trinity’s 2015 research conference

On 22-24 June 2015, Trinity College hosted its annual research conference for postgraduate researchers from both Trinity and the Bristol Baptist College.

The event brought to campus about half of TCB/BBC’s fifty doctoral and MPhil students from around the world to present papers, enjoy fellowship, and receive guidance and encouragement from faculty.

Director of Postgraduate Research Dr Justin Stratis describes the conference as ‘a key element in our PGR programme. Many people forget that the “academy” in the modern era was originally conceived as a social organisation—a literal place for scholars to spend time discussing their work to sharpen each other for the common good. Giving our research students the opportunity to share their research with one another in a community setting is therefore crucial for their development as scholars.’

Dr Justin Stratis, Prof John Webster, Rev Dr Emma Ineson

Dr Justin Stratis, Prof John Webster, Rev Dr Emma Ineson

Each day of the conference began with a time of prayer, Scripture reading, and sung worship, followed by the presentation of research papers from students. Attendees were also given the chance to spend time with this year’s external visiting scholar, Professor John Webster, a world-renowned systematic theologian and Professor of Divinity from the University of St. Andrews. On the second day of the conference, Prof. Webster presented a plenary address titled ‘On the Inspiration of Holy Scripture,’ which was described by attendees as both theologically insightful and wise.

The conference concluded with a formal banquet in the Tyndale Room, at which the annual research prize was awarded to two students who delivered papers of outstanding quality. This year’s co-winners were second year PhD student Brian LePort, who delivered a paper titled ‘Locusts and Honey: The Diet of John the Baptist or the Prophetic Symbolism of His Preaching?’ and first year MPhil student Josh Monteiro, who presented ‘Richard of Saint Victor: Augustinian Social Trinitarian?’ Both winners will receive a £150 prize.

Next year’s research conference will be held 22-24 June 2016, where the visiting scholar will be Professor Walter Moberly of Durham University.


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