DDO Newsletter, Winter 2019

Trinity announces new principal

We are delighted to announce that the Revd Dr Sean Doherty will be our next principal. We made the announcement to students on 5 February, with the opportunity to meet with Sean and his wife, Gaby. Read more here.

What does Trinity offer pioneer students?

“Trinity trains you for ministry in a holistic and in-depth way. My time here has been invaluable.” – Lucy Howarth, pioneer minister. What does it mean to join a pioneering cohort at Trinity? Read more about pioneer ministry at Trinity >

Upcoming events

3 April: DDO Day

Join us at college to get a taste of life within the college community, schedule meetings with your ordinands, find out more about dispersed learning at Trinity.

4 April: Non-residential training interview day

Send your prospective ordinands considering training without relocating to learn more about dispersed learning at Trinity.

To register for either event, contact admissions@trinitycollegebristol.ac.uk or 0117 968 0254.

Recent news

Student blog: When God speaks through community.

January spirituality retreat day, through the eyes of our students.

During a plenary week, Trinity students reflect on race and the church.





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