COVID-19 update (May 2021)

Following the government announcement on Monday night we are thrilled to welcome back onsite those who wish to be present for the final two weeks of term!

To go from not seeing anyone to suddenly being with lots of other people at once is a big change and there will be a range of reactions to this news amongst our community, with some chomping at the bit to gather again and others feeling more wary. In our planning we have sought to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome in our space and therefore ask that you keep the most vulnerable in mind and observe the guidelines below, which are largely in line with how we operated in the autumn.

Please remember, you can still access everything online and there is no obligation to return (according to the straw poll we took at the start of the week, we are expecting to see about 80% of you).


If you would like to return to college, we ask those who are able to take a rapid lateral flow test twice a week. These are available from reception on Mondays and Thursdays (9.00-12.30, 2.00-4.30), or you can pick up a home test kit locally or order one online and do it before you come. If you receive a positive result you must stay away and take a confirmatory PCR test. Contact Reception if you have queries.

When indoors:

  • Unless you are exempt, please wear a facemask (including for worship, tutor groups and lectures) unless you are alone in a room. If everyone present in a room is comfortable removing masks you may do so by agreement but please be especially vigilant about distance and ventilation. Masks must be worn during worship.
  • Use the hand gel provided to sanitise regularly
  • Follow the one-way system if you are able to do so
  • Maintain a 1m+ distance from others
  • Max 6 people in one room (except for official college activities such as lectures and tutor groups)
  • Open the windows when in a room (and close them when you leave)
  • Sanitise any surfaces you use with the wipes/spray provided (we will clean after lectures)

When outdoors:

  • Max 30 people in one group
  • Keep a 2m distance, facemasks not necessary

Lectures will be back in a blended fashion (in-person and via Zoom) – please see module timetables on Moodle for room allocations. Contact Jo Norman if you have queries.

Morning worship will be streamed from the chapel (40 people max) and screened in the dining room (60 people max). We have reserved the chapel for DLs next week and will offer spaces in the dining room on a first-come, first-served basis. If we reach capacity, people will be asked to watch from their study (though based on the straw poll numbers, there should be space for everyone).

Lunches will continue to be available in tiffin tins using the ordering system on the intranet (remember to bring your own cutlery). Please note that the collection system will change slightly but we will communicate this separately. You may gather and eat in groups of up to 6 indoors (remember to open windows and sanitise surfaces afterwards) and up to 30 outdoors. In terms of serving, we have scheduled the following groups for the following times (again, details to follow separately):

17 – 21 May:      Sean’s, Helen J’s, Helen C’s

24 – 28 May:      David’s, Howard’s, Jamie’s

Contact reception if you have queries.

Library: We will be open again for browsing but the click-and-collect system will also continue. There will be a maximum of 6 people allowed in the library at one time. The lower library study spaces will be available for use again.

Shared study spaces will resume (observing the indoor guidelines) but please do check in with your roommates and ensure you are each comfortable with your arrangements. If you have any problems, please contact Rebecca Ford.

Social spaces: the games room and upper and lower common rooms will be available once more with limits of 6 people in each space at any one time. We have ordered a marquee for the front lawn and when the walls are taken away it can safely shelter a maximum of 30 people. Please note that we are giving DLs priority in these indoor spaces during evenings next week.

Families and friends are welcome in our outdoor spaces, unless they have a meeting booked indoors.

We have scheduled extra cleaning of our public spaces and will sanitise all lecture rooms after use, but you must take responsibility for cleaning any spaces you use outside of this, as our wonderful cleaning team have a big job on their hands! Please be diligent in using the wipes/spray provided and leaving everything tidy when you’re finished. Contact Dave Snell and Dave Penfold if you have queries.

Finally, here is a checklist of things you might like to bring when coming in for the day:

  • Facemask
  • Keep-cup/flask with a hot drink
  • Water bottle
  • Cutlery for lunch
  • Outside/camping folding chair
  • Umbrella

We hope the above measures, coupled with the very low infection rate in Bristol (see here for details) give you a sense of confidence in returning to college but if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. And as always, if you are struggling, please let your tutor know and/or contact one of our chaplains. We realise this past year has been an incredibly difficult one and are so excited to be able to see it out gathered once again in community with many of you.

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