A newly refurbished chapel

newchapelcroppedOver the summer months, we refurbished the interior of our chapel building with new lighting, a new audiovisual system with wall monitors, new carpeting and colour scheme, and new chairs, bought thanks to generous donations from alumni and friends of the college.

We are especially delighted with a piece of artwork commissioned from Sheona Beaumont, Trinity’s artist-in-residence. The back-lit ceiling panel, titled ‘Canopy Compass Rose,’ provides a cross-shaped glimpse of blue sky through a canopy of trees (from a photograph taken in the Dell below the chapel). The whole piece speaks of glimpses of the Kingdom of Heaven and gives a wonderfully inspirational focus above the chapel space.

‘We are excited about the ways in which the renewal of the chapel inspires and invigorates our worshipping life together,’ says Principal Emma Ineson. Property Manager Malcolm Bourne adds, ‘The whole project was conducted in an amazing spirit of prayer and worship, which was great to witness. A great element for me was that we were able to provide work for part-time students, work for ex-offenders, and work and support for someone recovering from addiction. It felt like we were building “like the kingdom of God is near.”’

Thanks to Malcolm, to Caretaker Dave Snell, and to everyone who worked so hard over the summer to get it all completed in time for the start of term, and many, many thanks to all the alumni, staff, and students who contributed to the funds to buy the new chairs.

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