Recent updates to Stoke House

Over the summer, Trinity’s property team and amazing summer casual staff (comprised mainly of Trinity students) moved more than 50,000 books and periodicals into new shelving, making space to move student and staff pigeonholes from their previous location near the dining hall to a secured space just off reception.

All staff and students have started the academic year with new ID/access cards, which are now used within Stoke House as the only way in which to obtain access to the pigeonholes and the main library. In the coming year, the college will phase in a system to use the cards for external access into the building as well.

The library project involved creating more than 800 metres of new shelving for the Stables area, 600 metres of additional shelving for periodicals, and 200 metres additional shelving in the library.

The team also renovated the Dalton Room, including soundproofing, new panelling, and LED lighting.  They installed new signage around Stoke House, and continued the ongoing project of installing energy-saving lighting throughout college.

‘The lights save energy because they are low-wattage LEDs, they operate on timers or sensors, and they are also governed by lux rating, so they will only come on if light is required. This keeps college from wasting electricity, as happens when people leave lights on unnecessarily, and helps us to be better stewards of our resources, and of the planet,’ says site manager Dave Snell.


Posted August 2019

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