Retreat to Franciscan community

Over the weekend of 2-4 November, Trinity students were offered the opportunity to participate in a retreat to the Franciscan community of Hilfield Friary in Dorset. Eight students and missiology tutor Rev Dr Howard Worsley travelled there to join the resident community in their prayers, meals, and chores.

‘This trip, which we regularly organise as part of our Spirituality curriculum, offers students the opportunity to begin to learn simplicity, and to develop a rule of life that is influenced by an established monastic tradition of prayer, work, and study,’ explains Rev Dr Worsley. ‘It allows us to meet with God in the company of others, to have fun and rest together, and to see the example of another community that thrives on being inclusive.’

‘I think the thing that I enjoyed most about the retreat was seeing the community life of the friary, which included a family with young children, friars, and volunteers from different countries,’ says ordinand Jo Robinson. ‘Everyone seemed to genuinely get along well and there was a sense that they were a family – in some ways closer than their own blood relations. There was a rhythm to life which was very restful and restorative.’


Posted November 2018

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