My Trinity highlights

At the end of June, Trinity leaver Claire Gerard was ordained deacon in Oxford Diocese. Here are some of her unexpected Trinity highlights…

  • Doctrine lectures on eschatology, atonement theory and salvation
  • A growing love for the Daily Office (who am I?!)
  • Rocking the cassock and surplice and spending a small fortune on bespoke clergy wear (wait till you see my ordination dress😜)
  • Deaconing at a ‘proper’ Eucharist
  • Preaching on Revelation
  • Encountering feminist theology, Reader-Response Bible criticism and New Testament Greek
  • Making an incredible friend for life who challenges and entertains me in equal measure


Trinity College Bristol in figures:

  • 27 modules
  • 23 essays
  • 4 theological reflections
  • 42 quiet hours
  • 168 Morning Prayers
  • 1 prayer triplet
  • 10 incredible pastoral group friends
  • 7 sermons
  • 3 prayer rooms
  • 1 women’s event
  • countless hours out of my comfort zone
  • 18 hours spent translating 4 verses
  • a BFF
  • 2 church placements
  • 1 mega-inspiring Canadian pastoral tutor
  • and a First in Doctrine 😁😁😁


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