Four facts about our postgrad programme that might surprise you

How much do you know about Trinity’s postgraduate research programme? We’ve had exciting advances and growth in this area in recent years at the college that include new technology, new opportunities for students, and a growing community of scholars who hope their research will impact the Church.


#1 Our growing postgrad community hails from all around the globe. >

(Pictured above: research student and ordinand Kim Quak-Winslow participates in a panel discussion on class and theology led by Trinity tutor Dr Justin Stratis (left) in Britain’s Society for the Study of Theology conference.)


#2 Trinity was awarded a grant to purchase new video conferencing technology to enhance our postgrad seminars >

(Pictured above: Trinity research students meet for a fortnightly research seminar, with distance students attending from around the world through video conferencing.)


#3 Our ordinands have an option to pursue a research programme (MTh or PhD) as part of their ordination training.

(Pictured above: Anna Creedon, right, is completing a PhD as part of her ordination training.)


#4 Trinity’s postgrad programme connects its students with top scholars and important academic opportunities >

(Pictured above: Trinity research student Alison Walker served as the postgraduate respondent to plenary speaker and Yale professor Dr Willie James Jennings’s paper at Britain’s Society for the Study of Theology conference.)


To learn more about Trinity’s postgraduate research programme, and how to apply, click here.


(Posted July 2017)


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