New School of Leadership

This autumn, Trinity College has unveiled a new School of Leadership, run in partnership with CPAS, an Anglican evangelical mission agency.

The programme takes Trinity College students through topics in four areas: leading yourself, leading others, leading change, and leading mission. The autumn term’s sessions included ‘What do we mean by “leader”’, ‘Understanding who you are as a leader’, and ‘Developing Christ-like character’. The primary teachers for the programme are Rev James Lawrence, who is Leadership Principal at CPAS, and Rev Ian Parkinson, who from January 2016 will be Leadership Specialist in Theological Education at CPAS.


‘This School of Leadership sets us apart as a college responding to the challenge of the current mission context and taking seriously our stated aim to “shape leaders of Christ-like character in community for a missional church,”’ explains Principal Emma Ineson. ‘For some years now our students have been asking for more time for dedicated leadership training and development, alongside their existing study programmes. The School of Leadership gives us the opportunity to delve deep into important issues. The people leading the sessions and providing input will be skilled, experienced practitioners, specially chosen for their expertise in the areas under study.’

‘This has been a real lifeline of practical wisdom in leading well,’ says second-year ordinand Trev Meardon. ‘It is down-to-earth but still theological in its approach to ministry. It is an amazing part of the Trinity programme and one of the most valuable aspects of practical training for ordination in the church. Without it I believe we would be less well equipped to face the challenges of full-time ministry.’

Second-year ordinand Jo Purle agrees: ‘I feel passionate about being trained not just to “maintain” or “help keep afloat” the Anglican Church, but to be a dynamic leader who senses where God is leading. I want to have the courage to lead a church forward, exploring new ways of being (and doing) church, and learning together in authentic communities of faith. The School of Leadership is designed to help address this need.’



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