Howard takes on new role as Lead Tutor for Academic Inclusion

Our Tutor in Missiology, Howard Worsley, has taken on an additional role as Lead Tutor for Academic Inclusion – a newly-created position. Howard will be supporting students on our Relay and Jubilee Scholarships and developing provision at Trinity for theological study and formation which especially meets the needs of students who are under-represented at Trinity due to educational, economic, cultural and other barriers, including those with English as an additional language.⁠

‘I am returning from sabbatical leave with renewed energy,” says Howard, “to focus on how Trinity might become more effective in working with students who are under-represented at the college. By taking on the role of ‘Lead Tutor for Academic Inclusion’ I hope to become more aware of those students who find economic, cultural or class barriers to their learning and I will be working alongside the Study Skills team. One of my first tasks will be to support our new intake of students who are studying at Trinity on Relay and Jubilee scholarships.’

This important work plays to Howard’s unique skills. “It will make excellent use of Howard’s extensive experience in education and ministry,” says Trinity Principal, Sean Doherty. Over the years, Howard has worked as a secondary school and university teacher and been an Anglican vicar, diocesan director of education and a chaplain.⁠

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