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The Problem with the ‘God-Shaped Hole’

We’ve gotten into the habit of telling people about Christ by first telling them about the hole within themselves. But is this really the best way to share the gospel? In the seventeenth century classic Pensées, Blaise Pascal wrote of an ‘infinite abyss’ in each person that can only be filled by ‘an infinite, immutable […]

The Challenge of the Suburban Church

How can we go beyond the programmes, strategies, growth targets, and competitiveness, and have the courage to seek the Kingdom of God? An informal Q&A with pastor and author Ian Stackhouse. Q: What are the primary challenges facing suburban churches today? How did you come to recognise those challenges? A: If I was to tackle […]

Church in a Crypt

If you found yourself surrounded by people living on the edge of life and death, what would you tell them? What would you do? Do you believe in the power of the gospel, in the power of the love of Jesus Christ, to change a life?   When Jon Swales (MLitt, ADMT 2007-2011) began his […]

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