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At Trinity we’re passionate about theology – without it, effective mission either stalls or quickly gets stuck in the past. Theology gives our message integrity, both rooting it in the truth of God’s Word and relating it to the questions which people around us are asking.

Theology demands rigorous, faithful thinking on the part of Christian churches and their leaders, so we set high standards of excellence in our teachers, our teaching and our students. We want you to think, hard, while you are with us, because you’re going to be faced with hard questions from the world in the years to come. Forget the old image of abstract, irrelevant and dry academics: Theology at Trinity is vibrant, challenging, dynamic, Spirit-filled and ultimately the intellectual life-blood of the missional church.

Our evangelical ethos means we take Scripture very seriously and the Bible stands at the core of all our academic programmes. Our community is full of future leaders who want to be saturated in God’s Word, able to teach and apply it in relevant ways in whatever situations He calls them into.

So whether you’re training for ordination, thinking about other kinds of mission or church leadership, or aiming to take your theological learning into the mainstream world of work, this is the place to grapple with the Word of God and let the counter-cultural, grace-filled, world-changing reality of His Kingdom shape the whole of your life.


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