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Is God calling you to something new?

So here we are, two weeks after Easter. We’ve celebrated, we’ve eaten too much chocolate—and now, as the disciples did in John 21, we’ve gone back to our fishing nets. Except maybe you haven’t, because maybe you’re not sure whether the fishing net you have been holding is the one you should be holding in […]

Holding truth and love together

Imagine you hold in your hand some ordinary table salt, composed of two chemicals—sodium and chloride. Either of these substances by itself is toxic, but together they form one of the essentials for life, without which we would die. It seems amazing that two chemicals so harmful to us when separated, together should be so […]

Did Jesus descend into hell?

Students often ask me whether or not it is right to confess that Jesus Christ ‘descended into hell,’ as the Apostles’ Creed (in a relatively late addendum) states in the second article. I can understand their scepticism. After all, the doctrine is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, save for a few ambiguous passages (e.g., […]

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