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The zookeeper who’s becoming a vicar

For fifteen years, Gary Bowers was a zookeeper. He hand-reared lions and tigers at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. He worked at various zoos across the country–he was the animal manager at the Isle of Wight Zoo–and on conservation projects in Cornwall and Scotland. But in Yorkshire, whilst working as head cat keeper in a […]

Asking the questions that lead to God

The problem with theology is that there is rarely (if ever) a neat, simple, and straightforward answer. Let me explain. Science is my first love and so it was an obvious move for me to spend four years studying chemistry at university. I relished the chance to understand more about different areas of chemistry (and […]

After one year at Trinity…

Hello. My name is Shakeel. I am nineteen and currently the youngest student at Trinity, finishing my first year of the BA course. I arrived at Trinity last year feeling excited about the future. I wasn’t sure what to expect in coming to a theological college. Naturally I was anxious, but in a positive way; […]

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