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On Unity

A couple years ago I taught a 9-week Sunday School class on a fairly controversial topic. I was very thankful for the opportunity to broach the subject in our church but was a bit nervous about how it would go over. At the first class it became clear that we had a good number of […]

Valedictory weekend pictures

On Friday, 27 May, students, faculty, staff, and their families spent all afternoon on Trinity’s lawn celebrating the end of the academic year with a barbecue, bouncy castles, sumo wrestling, a magic show, and other games. The next morning, the Trinity community gathered again at St Mary Magdalene Church in Stoke Bishop for its Valedictory […]

Trinity students release EP

Three of our leaving ordinands have worked together to create a three-track EP titled Bless the King, which was picked up by a record label to be released today, 6 June, on iTunes (click here for the link). All profits raised through the sale of the EP will be given to the┬áCare4Calais charity, who seek […]

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