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Two doctors, seeking God together

A year ago, medical doctors Tom and Harriet Dove decided that they needed to take a year to step out of the intense pace of their lives and reflect. Married for two years, the Doves were both working at a hospital in Nottingham, where they’d completed medical school. As part of their year-long break, the […]

Living in the ‘bigness’ of God

Over the last several months, I’ve really become hyper-aware of the bigness of God, and that is what has prompted me to remind others of this hardly novel concept. If I ever speak or write things for anyone other than my immediate circle, it’s either because I’m oddly convicted of something that I think God […]

From international politics to ordination

As Sam Rylands completed a programme in international politics at the University of Nottingham, he found himself wanting to know more about his Christian faith. He began a postgraduate programme at Cambridge to study theology and simultaneously became more involved in his church. As he sat one morning in chapel, thinking about his life and […]

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