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On Jargon

Jargon is not usually meant to marginalise or exclude—at best, it is meant to communicate, to build community, not to hinder it! So when we use special language—which God-talk is inevitably going to require—how do we use it best? Down at the garage, the man with the wrench says I need a new Fetzer Valve. […]

A newly refurbished chapel

Over the summer months, we refurbished the interior of our chapel building with new lighting, a new audiovisual system with wall monitors, new carpeting and colour scheme, and new chairs, bought thanks to generous donations from alumni and friends of the college. We are especially delighted with a piece of artwork commissioned from Sheona Beaumont, […]

New partnership with Aberdeen University

After many years working with Bristol University as the accrediting partner for our degrees, we now embark on a new partnership with the University of Aberdeen to validate our postgraduate research degrees. ‘The University of Aberdeen has housed a divinity faculty for more than five hundred years and has contributed significantly to the study of […]

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