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Is Your Church Developing Leaders?

One of the key teachers for Trinity’s new School of Leadership, Ian Parkinson explains why developing leaders within your congregation is more important than trying to complete an increasing list of ministry tasks. Imagine your house is on fire and the blaze is threatening to get out of control. You are standing in front of […]

Doctrine in Practice

‘In each instance, whether a remote village filled with Hindu shrines or an urban Baptist church expecting hellfire and damnation, my greatest asset was the content of the doctrine in focus module I’d just completed at Trinity.’  – Adam Pitt, first year ordinand   Last Easter 2016, I was fortunate enough to be invited on […]

School of Leadership Completes First Year

‘Our work among ordinands has shown how formative the years in a college can be, yet few colleges have offered much in terms of leadership development.’ –James Lawrence, CPAS It has never been easy to lead a church. Jesus models and teaches a rather counter-cultural style of leadership, one that does not abdicate responsibility for […]

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