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Listen: Paul Harcourt on ‘Live Like the Kingdom Is Near’

On Friday mornings, our students are in the midst of a sermon series on the Kingdom. Join us for the first session, led by New Wine’s Paul Harcourt (‘Live Like the Kingdom Is Near’): 6 Jan 2017        

Preaching Tips for the New Year

Last November, our principal Emma Ineson posted a request on Facebook for any preaching tips alumni and other friends could share for an Introduction to Preaching module she was about to teach. The post generated much discussion as well as requests for a copy of the information shared. Here is an edited compilation of the […]

Trinity hoodies for sale (for a limited time)

In response to recent alumni and student queries, for a limited time, Trinity hoodies are now available to order. The deadline for orders is Thursday 2 February.   ALUMNI AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS From today (16 January) until Thursday, 2 February, you can select from four colour options, several size options (including options for children), and […]

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